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JobAccess Employ Ability

What are the advantages of employing people with disability? The powerful video series were launched by JobAccess who are at the forefront of research revealing Australian employers are missing out on a significant opportunity to broaden their workforce and future-proof their workplaces.

Their research showed most Australians recognise that living with disability makes it harder to find a job. The new data revealed that 70 per cent of Australians have not heard of workplace adjustments – one of the most effective ways to enable people with disability to gain and retain employment.

Produced by Taste Creative

Writer: Steph Dower

Director and Producer: Henry Smith

Cinematographer: Mikey Hamner

JobAccess General Manager
Daniel Valiente-Riedl

Working with Taste Creative and Bus Stop Films was a no-brainer, as it encouraged opportunities for creative people with disability behind the camera to bring our case studies to the fore.

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